Our Team


Fairfield Property Management

Since 1976, Fairfield Property Management has specialized in professional property management for multifamily housing. Our residential portfolios include over 5,000 units in Louisiana, Florida, New Mexico, and Wyoming. Each of our apartment communities offers a range of amenities as well as a highly trained and professional staff to assist you in your daily needs. Fairfield Property Management is constantly expanding and provides professional management services nationwide.

Why We’re Better

We are proud to employ a highly dedicated and skilled management team with over 120 years of combined experience in the management of residential properties, making us a preferred property management firm. Furthermore, two of our executives have been designated Certified Property Managers (CPM®) by the Institute of Real Estate Management. Fairfield Property Management has a reputation for providing exemplary service, financial accountability, and stable property operations. In addition to professional management services, our firm is also active in developing new luxury communities throughout the Southeast.

Mission Statement

To provide superior stewardship of properties entrusted to our care by providing exemplary customer service, opportunities for personal and professional development for our employees and upholding the goals and objectives of the clients we serve.

Established Core Values

The core values are the values we hold which form the foundation on which we perform work and conduct ourselves.

  • Excellence – We strive to foster an environment that embraces both innovation and best business practices.
  • Exemplary Customer Service – We strive to proactively anticipate the needs and exceed expectations of those we serve: residents, clients, and one another.
  • Financial Accountability – We share a commitment to effective stewardship and financial accountability.
  • Integrity – We deal honestly and fairly with our employees, tenants, business partners and owners.
  • Teamwork & Humility – We believe that all employees of Fairfield Property Management play an integral role in our company’s success. We value the strengths, experiences, and perspectives of each other and work together towards a common goal.
  • Professionalism – We operate in a professional manner by demonstrating competence, reliability, and a positive attitude in all aspects of our conduct and performance.

Our Home Office Team

Edward Taylor

Edward Taylor is one of Fairfield’s Managing Partners and joined the business in 2002.

He has a Bachelor of Arts from Rhodes College and spends most of his time developing new luxury communities.

Edward is known throughout the company as a respectable, dedicated, and innovative leader.

He focuses his efforts on the continual growth of the company, financial accountability, and maintaining strong business relationships in the community.

Stanton Dossett III

Stanton Dossett III is one of Fairfield’s Managing Partners and joined the business in 1993.

He attained a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Arkansas and a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Iowa.

Stanton is recognized as being a motivational, welcoming, and intelligent innovator. Stanton focuses his efforts on continuous improvement, best business practices, and team member engagement.

He takes pride in making sure that FPM remains a preferred employer.

Amy Ogunyemi

Amy Ogunyemi joined FPM in 2013 as the Director of Human Resources and currently serves as the Strategic Human Resources Business Partner.

Amy brought with her a vast array of knowledge and experience in human resources, strategic planning and business management, and is responsible for providing leadership and guidance to the Human Resources, Risk Management, and Project Management teams.

Amy attained a Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management from Louisiana Tech University, Master of Business Administration from the University of Phoenix, and Master of Education in Human Resource & Workforce Development Education from the University of Arkansas.

Amy is known as a knowledgeable, analytical and strategic change agent who is respected for her collaborative and forward-thinking approach.

Renee Wiggins

Renee Wiggins joined FPM in 1987 as an Assistant Property Manager.

Since then, she has been promoted numerous times and currently serves at the Senior Asset Manager for our third party owned Conventional Housing portfolio.

As the Senior Asset Manager, Renee develops management and marketing plans for the communities in her portfolio, acts as a liaison between the property owners and Property Managers, and works with property owners on due diligence for building new properties.

Renee has been acknowledged as focused, insightful, and knowledgeable resource for the Conventional Housing portfolio.

Cami Bradford

Cami Bradford joined FPM in 2016 as a Senior Property Manager and was promoted to Asset Manager in September of 2017.

As the Asset Manager, Cami oversees the Conventional Fairfield properties here in the Shreveport/Bossier area.

Cami is known as a professional, innovative, and business savvy leader to the local Conventional Housing team.

Chadrecia McGaskey

Chadrecia McGaskey joined FPM in 2011 as an Assistant Property Manager.

Since then, she has been promoted several times and currently serves as our Director of Affordable Housing.

Chadrecia is responsible for providing guidance and support to the Affordable Housing portfolio, training and developing Property Managers, and ensuring the successful operation of over 25 communities.

Chadrecia is recognized as being an energetic, knowledgeable and fearless leader to our Affordable Housing team.

Kimberly Booker

Kimberly Booker joined FPM in 1998 as a Leasing Consultant and currently serves as the Regional Property Manager for our third party owned Conventional Housing portfolio.

As the Regional Property Manager, Kimberly is primarily responsible for providing support, training, and guidance to the on-site team members.

Kimberly is known as an extremely dedicated, energetic, and considerate leader of the Conventional Housing team.

Patsy Roberson

Patsy Roberson joined FPM in 2008 as a Property Manager and currently serves as the Field Supervisor to our Affordable Housing portfolio.

As the Field Supervisor, Patsy is primarily responsible for providing guidance and support to the Affordable Housing team members and ensuring that properties are prepared for annual inspections at all times.

Patsy is known among her team members as a dynamic, devoted, and knowledgeable Field Supervisor.

Darryl Green

Darryl Green joined FPM in 2011 as the Affordable Housing Coordinator and was promoted to Multi-Family Compliance Officer in 2014.

In a nutshell, Darryl works closely with HUD, LHC, and Tax Credit governing agencies, completes management agent certifications, and analyzes monthly delinquency reporting.

Darryl is recognized as a resourceful, organized, and helpful member of the Affordable Housing management team.

Ali Rawson

Ali Rawson joined FPM in April of 2016 as the Human Resources Assistant.

Since then, Ali has been promoted several times and now serves as the Project Assistant and provides assistance to the Managing Partners.

Ali obtained her Bachelor of Science in Family and Child Development from Florida State University.

Ali is known amongst her peers as an optimistic, diligent, and detail-oriented team member.

Ebonye Beene

Ebonye Beene joined FPM in December 2018 as the HR Generalist.

Ebonye is primarily responsible for full-cycle talent acquisition, employee engagement, and special projects.

Ebonye attained a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Louisiana Tech University and a Master of Science in Human Resources Management from Southern New Hampshire University.

Ebonye is known as a dynamic, results-oriented professional and is admired for her innovative approach towards employee development.

Catherine Troquille

Catherine Troquille joined FPM in January 2019 as the Human Resources Coordinator.

Catherine is primarily responsible for compensation and benefits, workers compensation, and performance management.

Catherine attained a Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing from Louisiana State University-Shreveport and a Secondary English Education certification from Northwestern State University.

Catherine is known as a motivated team player and aspires to make a difference through her work.

Paula Osborn

Paula Osborn joined FPM in August of 2004 as the Receptionist.

Over the years, Paula has been promoted several times and currently serves as our Accounting Manager. As the Accounting Manager, Paula is responsible for treasury management, supervising the Accounts Payable department, and financial reviews.

Paula is recognized as a dedicated, innovative, and resourceful member of the Accounting team.

Guretta Gray

Guretta Gray joined FPM in November of 2016 as the Accounting Coordinator.

She has since been promoted and currently serves as our Senior Corporate Accountant. Guretta has many responsibilities including preparing monthly financial reports, preparing monthly bank reconciliations, assisting with the completion of annual budgets, and MRI support.

Guretta obtained her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from American InterContinental University in 2006.

She is acknowledged as a resourceful, analytical, and reliable team player who is always willing to lend a hand.

Athena Williams

Athena Williams joined FPM in June of 2011 as the Accounting Assistant and currently serves as the Accounting Specialist.

As the Accounting Specialist, Athena is primarily responsible for preparing monthly financials and bank reconciliations, assisting with annual audit coordination, and providing administrative support to the Accounting department.

Athena obtained her Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Phoenix.

She is known among her co-workers as a cheerful, resourceful team player.

Debbie Edwards

Debbie Edwards started with FPM in August of 1978 as a Receptionist.

Over the years, she has served in many roles including Property Manager, and currently serves as the Executive Assistant at our Corporate Office. Debbie’s responsibilities include providing support to the Managing Partners, building management, front desk reception, and vendor compliance.

Debbie is recognized as being a friendly, professional individual with a heart for helping others whenever she can.

Krista Yaguseskey

Krista Yaguseskey joined FPM in August of 2011 as an Accounting Associate and was promoted to Accounting Associate II in January of 2016.

Krista’s responsibilities include coding and processing invoices for payment, training new team members on Accounts Payable functions, and assisting vendors with payment questions.

Krista is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and is expected to graduate in August of 2019.

Krista is known as a helpful, efficient, and hard-working member of the Accounts Payable department.

Abigail Aldrich

Abigail Aldrich joined FPM in December of 2017 as an Accounting Associate.

Abigail is primarily responsible for coding and processing invoices for payment, assisting with vendor inquires, and assisting with invoice coding questions.

She is known amongst her co-workers as an optimistic, supportive, and adaptable problem-solving team player.